sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2011

Clitemnestra rules

This father of yours, whom you are always morning,
Had killed your sister, sacrificing her
To Artemis, the only Greek who could endure
To do it - though his part, when he begot her,
Was so much less than mine, who bore the child.
So tell me why, in deference to whom,
He sacrificed her? For the Greeks, you say?
What right had they to kill a child of mine?
But if you say he killed my child to serve
His brother Menelaus, should not he
Pay me for that? Did not his brother have
Two sons, and should they rather not have died,
The sons of Helen who caused the war
And Menelaus who had started it?
Or had the god of death some strange desire
To feast on mine, and not on Helen's children?

Sófocles, Electra, vv. 530-44. Tradução de H.D.F. Kitto (Oxford World Classics, 2008 - reedição.)

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