quinta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2011

Egisto: és um mariquinhas!

Electra: And among all the Argives this was said of you, "The man belongs to his wife, not she to him." Yet it is a disgrace for the woman, rather than the man, to be the head of a house. I loathe any child who derives his name in the city not from his father but from his mother. For when a man marries a wife of greater eminence than himself, no account is taken of the man but only of his wife.
But where you were most deceived and mistaken was that you thought you were really someone on the strength of your money. But money does nothing except stay with us a short while. It is character that is reliable, not money. Character stands beside us always and shoulders our troubles, while wealth lives unjustly with fools and then flies off from their houses, having blossomed for only a short time.
Your conduct toward women (since it ill befits a virgin to describe it) I pass over in silence, but I shall give an intelligible hint. You acted with outrage thinking that you had a king's house and were well provided with good looks. But I'd rather have a husband who is not girlish in his looks but of the manly sort. For children of the manly hold to valor, while the pretty ones are only good to adorn a chorus.

Eurípides, Electra (tradução de David Kovacs, LCL 1998).

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