quarta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2011

Hope is flattering me, diz ela na tradução de Hugh Lloyd-Jones

...For me to assent outright,
and say this adornment comes from the dearest
of mortals to me, Orestes... but hope is flattering me!
Ah, if it had only a sense of language, like a messenger,
so that I was not tossed this way and that in two minds,
but either I knew for certain that I must reject this lock,
supposing it were cut form an enemy's head,
or it was kin to me and could share my grief,
adorning this tomb and honoring my father!
But the gods on whom we call know well
by what tempests we, like sailors,
are buffeted; and if we were fated to find safety,
from a small seed a mighty trunk may come.

Ésquilo, «Coéforas», vv. 192 e segs., Oresteia, tradução inglesa de Hugh Lloyd-Jones (a.k.a. sir Hugh, a.k.a. Il Magnífico), University of California Press, Berkeley-Los Angeles, 1993.

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