quarta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2011

o fim dos filhos de Sejano segundo Tácito

It was decided after this that measures should be taken against the remaining children of Sejanus (though the anger of the plebs was vanishing and many had been assuaged by the earlier reprisals). So thesewere transported to prison, his son, intuiting the inevitable, and a girl so unaware that she asked frequently for what felony and to what place she was being dragged off: she would not do it again, she said, and could be admonished by a child's beating. Authors of the time transmit that, because it was held to be unheard of for a virgin to have the triumviral reprisal inflicted on her, she was violated by the executioner alongside the noose; then, their throats crushed, the bodies despite their tender ages were throw onto the Gemonians.

Tácito, The Annals, 5.9, Hackett, 2004, tradução de A. J. Woodman

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