terça-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2010

"... And you shoot because you are the Revolution. But revolution is happiness. And happiness does not like orphans in its house. A good man does good deeds. The Revolution is the good deed done by good men. But good men do not kill. Hence the Revolution is done by bad men. But the Poles are also bad men. Who is going to tell Gedali which is the revolution and which the counterrevolution? I have studied the Talmud. I love the commentaries of Rashi and the books of Maimonides. And there is also other people in Zhitomir who understand. And so all of us learned men fall to the floor and shout with a single voice, 'Woe unto us, where is the sweet revolution?'"

Isaac Babel, Red Cavalry, Nathalie Babel (ed.), Peter Constantine (trad.), Norton, 2003

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