sexta-feira, 24 de junho de 2011

next morning the terror would be very near

Beany-eye found that drink had a very queer effect on him. So long as he was drinking, the nameless thing which he was afraid of kept a long way off, usually it was driven right away out of sight, and if Frank left him in the bar, the more he drank the more he could make the men laugh at what he said. Though, if he stayed long enough, some bastard was sure to laugh in the wrong place and would get crowned with a broken glass or an empty bottle. But Beany-eye himself always felt fine, and if he could drop off asleep or fall unconscious, he would be all right. But when he couldn't sleep, then things began to look different, and if he started to get the horrors, or to think of them before he did fall asleep, he knew that when he woke up next morning the terror would be very near.

David Garnett, Beany-Eye. Penguin Books, 1948

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