quinta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2010

Aldus Manutius, printer and publisher

The contributions of Aldus Manutius to European culture are manifold, his publication of the vast Greek Aristotle (1495-8) and of the Opera of Poliziano (1498) chief among them. The Aldine Greek types brought about something signally lacking up to that point, a distinctively humanist style of presentation of Greek texts. Aldus combined in one person the figures of humanist-scholar and printer-publisher, thus setting the stage for the great scholar printers of the next century, the Frobens and the Estiennes. Behind all his varied and not always successful enterprises lay a simple, and for centuries very powerful idea: the humanist conviction that good letters lead, under God's guidance, to good men.

Martin Davies, "Humanism in Script and Print in the Fifteenth century", The Cambridge Companion to Renaissance Humanism, Jill Kraye (ed.), Cambridge University Press, 1996.

(Como se pode ver, um tipo inteligente este Aldo Manuzio.)

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