terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2012

And as he walks

Napoleon's Murat had 50 hats
And 50 plumes each 50 inches high
And 50 uniforms and many more
Than 50 pots of facial mayonnaise
Appropriate to a man with tender skin
He also had 10,000 cavalry,
Split second timing, and contempt for death,

So Providence - had he been born
Later and lowlier - might well have cast Prince Paris.
The centuries have not lied:
Observe the clotted blossom of his hair,
Frost white, frost bright - and beautifully cut,
Queen Aphrodité's favourite Ilian
And though his hands are only archer's hands
(Half Hector's size), his weight half Hector's weight,
He is as tall as Hector (8 foot 9),
And as he walks towards him, note his eyes
As once his father's were: pure sapphire.

Logue's Homer, War Music, 2001 (2nd edition).

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