segunda-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2012

The Thede

"One Middle English word that I wish had survived into Mondern English is thede, "people, nation, country, Gentile nation." Can you imagine how useful hip-hop artists would find it as a rhyme forweedScots kept the word theed a bit longer that the southern Anglic languages, the only citations in the Dictionary of the Scots Language being from the text Golagros and Gawane (about which more can be learned at then threw the word away too. Thede is the native reflex of the word from which Middle Dutch dūtsch and German deutsch were built."

Fonte aqui.

A dita palavra dará origem possivelmente também à palavra italiana para 'alemão', tedesco, assim como naturalmente o nosso 'teutão/teutónico'.  Wunderbar!

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