terça-feira, 5 de junho de 2012


('Hölderlin' was the code name used by an East
German poet when she spied for the Stasi.)

Why? Because after you, what you had said,
What you had put about among humankind,
Even bigger lies were possible and on your highs
That deep came disappointment. After you

We lived like foreigners in our mother country
Among the trades and functions, among the shells
Not one inhabited by a living kind
Of human. There was always a word for us

Because of you, more than a word, the thing,
Your doing, that want, that powerless power
When faces lifted from the text and whispered 'Come
Into the open, friend, oh come, oh make

It true, the spirit quickening through all the veins
Of a republic's life, this very earth,
Ours here - if not now, when?' All that
In a mother country of old men, always

Men and old, the same old men and their
'Not now, not yet'. I sided with the liars
Against the disappointed, I wear your name
Emptily, like grief, like vain revolt.

David Constantine. Collected Poems. Bloodaxe Books (2004)

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