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Yes, but he did it only three times

"So Nur al-Din, who was drunk, went to her, took her legs, and pressed them to his sides, while she locked her arms around his neck and began to give him adept and passionate kisses, and he at once undid her trousers and took her virginity. When the little maids saw what happened, they cried out and screamed, while Nur al-Din, fearing the consequences of his action, got up and fled.
When the vizier's wife heard the cries, she came out of the bath in a hurry to see what was causing the commotion in the house. She came up to the two maids and said, «Woe to you, what is the matter?» They replied, «Our lord Nur al-Din came and beat us, and since we were unable to stop him, we fled, while he entered Anis al-Jalis's chamber and embraced her for a while, but we don't know what he did afterward, except that he came out running.» The vizier's wife went into Anis al-Jalis's chamber and asked her, «O my daughter, what happened to you?» Anis al-Jalis replied, «O my lady, as I was sitting here, a handsome young man suddenly came in and asked me, 'Aren't you the one whom my father bought for me?' and I replied 'Yes', for, by God, my lady, I thought that he was telling the truth. Then he came up and embraced me.» The vizier's wife asked, «Did he do you know what to you?» Anis al-Jalis replied, «Yes, but he did it only three times.» The vizier's wife said, «I hope that you will not have to pay for this!» and she and the maids began to cry and beat their faces, for they feared that Nur al-Din's father would kill him."
As Mil e Uma Noites: História da escrava Anis al-Jalis e de Nur al-Din Ali ibn Khaqan
Trad. Husain Haddawy

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