quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2012

Presenças Reais. Scholia.

The [Poetics of Aristotle] contains very few arguments, and the few it does contain are, on the face of them, incomplete and untenable. The celebrated doctrines of the Poetics are for the most part peremptoyy dicta of a few lines, and not theories that Aristotle tries to establish with care. The tone is as authoritative as the dicta are terse; and instead of contradicting Aristotle's claims it eventually became fashionable to reinterpret them, like Scripture. The existence of generations of commentators cows potential critics. At many points it is far easier to disagree with Aristotle; but the price of dissent is the understandable suspicion that one does not know the literature with all its recondite interpretations. The weight of tradition breeds scholasticism.

Walter Kaufmann.  Tragedy and Philosophy. Princeton University Press (1968).

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