quarta-feira, 17 de abril de 2013




Because it will end in unbearable scenes
Because the conditions for doing things for others are others
Because the corpses were doused with acid long ago
Because the stench stimulates sociability

Because the void (say, in the stomach), stimulates production
Because nausea creates fertile ground for artificial needs
Because acid triggers the craving for fullness
Because the belch is part of politics

Because the conditions for belching are reserved for the few
Because a place in the wings is reserved for the few
Because things happen in the wings
Because this things must not come to light 

Because words set the stage for the world
Because the world keeps words in their places
Because there exists a loathing for it all
the mirror has a kind of inverted validity
that the truth lacks

Inger Christensen, It, Susanna Nied (trad.), Anne Carson (intr.), New Directions Books, 2006 (originalmente publicado em dinamarquês em 1969).

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