sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

"Love and Death" de Woody Allen, 1975

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  1. Father: Remember that nice boy next door, Raskolnikov?
    Boris: Yeah.
    Father: He killed two ladies.
    Boris: What a nasty story.
    Father: Bobak told it to me. He heard it from one of the Karamazov brothers.
    Boris: He must have been possessed.
    Father: Well, he was a raw youth.
    Boris: Raw youth, he was an idiot!
    Father: He acted assaulted and injured.
    Boris: I heard he was a gambler.
    Father: You know, he could be your double!
    Boris: Really, how novel.

  2. a piada com o duplo nessa sequência é das melhores do filme.